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Prince Textreme Warrior 100T - Tennis
Prince Textreme Warrior 100T - Tennis

Prince Textreme Warrior 100T - Tennis

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The Textreme Warrior 100T sits between the lighter Warrior 100L and the heavier Warrior 100. At 10.3 ounces, this stick will give strong beginners and intermediate players a speedy, lively and spin-friendly weapon. Like the majority of Prince racquets that contain Textreme, the 100T not only has amazing feel, but it plays with above average stability for its weight class. 

From the baseline the 100T cuts through the air with remarkable ease. The grippy 16x18 string pattern and 'whippy' feel will give bourgeoning topspin players the ingredients to swing big and bring the ball down on target. Power is decent but never overwhelming - a fact that should embolden those looking to crank up their stroke speed and play more aggressive tennis.

At net the Warrior 100T is perfect on reaction volleys, and it comes around with lightning speed on service returns. The light weight is also an asset on serves where this racket whips powerfully through contact to deliver a nice combination pop, spin and accuracy. 

With the 100T, Prince has delivered an easy swinging racket to strong beginners and intermediate level players. The combination of speed, spin and controllable power make this a very complete racket for its weight class.


  • Head Size: 100in2/645cm2
  • Weight: 275g/9.7oz Unstrung
  • Balance: 32.5cm/12.8in - 10 Pts. Head Light
  • Swing Weight: 285
  • String Pattern: 16 X 18
  • Cross Section: 24-26-22mm
  • Length: 27in/68.6cm
  • Composition: 100% Graphite/TeXtreme
  • Tension: 55 +/- 5lbs / 25 +/- 2kg
  • Available Grip 1-4
  • Grip: Resipro
  • Prince Power Level: 1050
  • String: Warrior Response 16